Ayurvedic facials go beyond just caring for your face. We aim to provide a more holistic treatment in which toxins are removed from upper body so that you not only feel pampered, revitalised and refreshed but also glow inside and out.

This treatment can be combined with an ancient Beauty Massage called Saundarya Abhyanga, where the upper body is massaged in addition to the treatment on the face to return and retain that special glow.

Our facials use oils, packs, steam and massage to give you cleaner, healthier and brighter skin. All treatments are tailored to match your needs, bearing in mind your body type/humour type, the condition of your skin, season of the year and any special requirements that you may have.

We use only fresh and dried organic herbs, oils, lotions and packs. There are absolutely no chemical preparations included and all packs are produced fresh for every client. A beautiful, youthful and glowing skin would bear evidence to the success of our approach.